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Crafting digital connections that elevate brand narratives.

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We work closely with you to understand your branding an

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We connect your brand with talented content creators who perfectly embody your vision and captivate your audience.

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Our process ensures the seamless delivery of authentic UGC, providing you with ready-to-use content for impactful ad campaigns and social media.

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Connect, Convert, Conquer.

At Friends Who Social, we are not just a digital marketing agency – we’re creatives, storytellers, strategists, and your dedicated partners in the ever-evolving world of online presence.

Seamless Solution

We provide an end-to-end solution that saves you time and effort. You don’t have to worry about recruiting, managing, or paying creators – we care of everything.

Content Ownership

Best of all, you’ll own all the content we create for you. That means you can embed, share, edit, upload and publish the videos across your website, social media, and ads, making it easy to reach your target audience.

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“ You and your team are so wonderful! I LOVE they way you interact with the influencers – thank you so much!”

Delia Grief

Marketing Manager Optiphi

“ I think the strategy is phenomenal, it is exactly what I have been looking for! It is definitely something we can implement and well done. Thank you for all your effort, it is excellent work!”

Dr Kamlin Pillay



“From the perspective of Virtual Reality – Lemmony theme is very Virtual. The main point why I chose it. ”

Tim Lemons

From Reviews

Cultivate Community: Your Brand, Their Story

People don’t want they want to be part of a community.

Sheryl Sandberg

technology executive, philanthropist, and writer

15+ Partners Worldwide

Stay Ahead with Monthly Pricing Packages:

It’s always wise to add information in chunks. That way your website users will find it easier to digest content on your site.

$1 000

The Friend Package

Best for Start-Ups and Launching new products or Campaigns

2 Content Creators

4 Videos

Creative Direction & Scripts

Content Quality Assurance

Manage Rights to UGC

Full Access to the Raw Content

Email and chat support during business hours

$2 000

The Crew Package

The Crew Package delivers a diverse range of fresh UGC, a hassle-free and rewarding choice for your brand.

6 Content Creators

12 Videos

Creative Direction & Scripts

Content Quality Assurance

Manage Rights to UGC

Manage Rights to UGC

Full Access to Raw Content

Full Access to Team support & Consulting

$4 000

The Best Friend

For business Looking for the BEST UGC Content on the market.

Multiple fonts included

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All patterns included

Here are some frequently asked questions

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What is “User-Generated-Content”?

UGC stands for User Generated Content, which refers to any content created by users or consumers of a product, service or platform, rather than by its owner or publisher. This content can take many forms, such as social media posts, blog comments, reviews, videos, photos, or podcasts. UGC is typically produced and shared by individuals who are not professional content creators, but rather individuals with a personal interest in a particular subject or brand. The rise of social media platforms has made it easier for users to generate and share content, and has increased the importance of UGC in marketing and advertising strategies. Many businesses now incorporate UGC into their marketing campaigns as a way to increase engagement and authenticity, and to leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Why work with Content Marketing Experts?

At Friends Who Social, we’re dedicated to helping you maximize your partnership with influencers and creators. By working with micro-influencers and content creators, we can offer a lower average cost per engagement compared to traditional macro-influencers and celebrities. We’ll take care of everything for you, from the initial discovery process to negotiations, payments, agreements, and strategic planning. Our comprehensive approach allows you to focus on what you do best, while we handle the details of content marketing.

Is User-Generated Content useful?

If you’re looking for evidence to prove the importance of user-generated content , the numbers speak for themselves. According to recent studies, ads that feature UGC receive four times higher click-through rates and 50% lower cost-per-click than average ads. Further, over 86% of companies incorporate UGC into their marketing strategy, while shockingly, only 16% of brands have a defined plan in place for UGC. It’s not just businesses that recognize the value of UGC; consumers also crave guidance on what type of content to create and share. In fact, 50% of consumers wish that brands would guide them in creating and sharing content. This desire for UGC is reflected in the engagement rates on social media channels, where user-generated content generates a staggering 28% more engagement than standard company posts. Given these compelling statistics, it’s clear that UGC should be a top priority for any business looking to improve engagement rates and reduce marketing costs. So why wait? Invest in UGC today and unlock the full potential of your marketing strategy.

Are all Client Briefs and UGC requests automatically accepted?

We will thoroughly evaluate all campaigns to ensure that they meet our brand’s standards and guidelines. Our team members will carefully examine the campaigns to ensure that they are safe for everyone on our network and that they do not promote any content that is violent or discriminatory in nature. We have the right to accept or reject any campaigns that do not align with the Friends Who Social brand. Rest assured that we will take all necessary precautions to maintain the integrity of our platform and keep our community safe.

How can I become a UGC Creator and make Money?

 Simply apply on our creator form and we’ll let you know if we have a job that fits your profile! We welcome all applications! Anyone who is passionate about creating engaging content and videos. All you really need is a smartphone! The best part is that you don’t even need to post it on your social media. Just send it to us, and if your content is selected, you can enjoy the product or monetary compensation you may receive from the campaign brief. So don’t hesitate to apply and share your creative ideas with us!

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